The Manitoba 99s Chapter welcomes new members and hosts numerous regular events and opportunities including:

Manitoba 99s have a Flight Simulator! Come out and give the new simulator a try!  Book your future session on the simulator now!

Manitoba 99s Learn to Fly Classes:  The Manitoba 99s have held classes on a variety of topics.  Everyone is welcome to attend free Learn to Fly classes at Lyncrest Airport.  Classes include access to the Redbird flight simulator and one on one Study Buddies.  Register by emailing Jessica Kraut

Past Classes have included:

  • PSTAR Part 1: Collision Avoidance, Visual Signals, Communications, Aerodromes, Equipment Pilot Responsibilities, Wake Turbulence
  • PSTAR Part 2: Aeromedical, Flight Plans and Flight Itineraries, Clearances and Instructions, Aircraft Operations, Regulations – General Airspace, Controlled Airspace, Aviation Occurrences
  • Weather and GFAs
  • Human Factors
  • Radio Op Pt 1
  • Radio Op with Pt 2 – Map Reading + Air-Ground Radio Exercise with CYAV ATC Script
  • Radio Op Exam
  • E6b And Aircraft “Walk Around” Using 99s C150 And C172
  • PSTAR Exam
  • Red Bird Flight Simulator Intro

The following topics have been presented in the past and can be adapted to the interests of the class members. Class content will meet the interests of anyone interested in aviation plus participants who haven’t written their PSTAR, Radio Op and PPL Exams, to register email Jill Oakes.

  • Get Found! Help SAR Help You
  • E6B Flight Computer – Practice and Review
  • Navigating – Planning a Cross Country Flight
  • Weather – Reading Nav Canada Reports
  • Cessna 172 Emergency Procedures
  • Radio Work – in the circuit and cross country
  • Canada Flight Supplement content, abbreviations, familiarization
  • Uncontrolled and Controlled Circuit Entries
  • Canadian Air Regulations
  •  Cessna 172 Normal Operations

Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) Classes: Beginning dates to be determined, experienced IFR pilots will help you prepare for your IFR exam at Lyncrest Airport.  Registration includes access to the Redbird flight simulator!  Classes will continue until participants are ready for their IFR exams. Participation is free; however, registration is required by emailing Jill Oakes.

Opportunity to fly our C150 C-FLUG for $20/hour

Scholarships – we have offered over 26 scholarships to active MB 99s chapter members per year and promote hundreds of scholarships available to women at all stages of their flying, as well as scholarships for other aviation related careers such as aeronautical engineer, meteorology, air traffic control, aircraft maintenance engineer, airport manager and more.

Job Postings – Many MB 99s members work in the aviation industry and when a job becomes available, we take a leading role in distributing the information in our extensive email directory, Instagram. and the WomenFlyManitoba Facebook page.

Meetings – Monthly meetings. Manitoba 99s meet the last Sunday of every month, October to April, at 7 pm via zoom, contact the Communications Officer or send a message through our Facebook page to request the zoom link.

Seminars and presentations – Safety seminars, Winter Flying workshops, Flying off Grass check outs, Retractable Gear workshops, Tail Dragger workshops, Winter survival – including how to build an igloo, Tips on Getting into the Airlines, and other topics as requested by the 99 members.

Several times a year the Manitoba 99s organize free fly outs, interested pilots are invited to apply to the MB 99s Fly Out Scholarship to help cover costs for aircraft rental/fuel/check outs/equipment. We fly out to a destination airport together with pilots in training as passengers. Visit WomenFlyManitoba on Facebook for more information

updated November 27, 2022