Women are encouraged to apply to all scholarships they are eligible for each year.

Some scholarships are offered several times a year, including the C-FLUG Scholarship, Broadening Horizons Scholarship and IFR Flight Simulator Scholarships. Women are invited to apply for each and every offering by the application due date.

Billeting is available for women from out of town.

Update: MB 99s Fly Out Award: Aircraft Rental/Fuel/Check Out/Equipment Scholarship Application extended until May 1st 

Tips for Scholarship Application Writing

Here are some links to great resources to help you prepare your scholarship application. We recommend you watch the videos and read the tips before you start writing up your applications:

Ninety-Nines Scholarships

Ceci’s Tips – SCV99s (pdf)

AEMSF Scholarships – Search the previous webinar page to find a recording of the Tips for strengthening your scholarship applications video. (11/04/2020 AEMSF)

Available Scholarships

Click the links below to find more information and application documents for each scholarship.

Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Scholarship

CAMEA Women in AME Training Scholarship

Broadening Horizon Scholarship

Rosella Bjornson Scholarship

Airport Accommodation Scholarship

Career Takes Flight Scholarship

MB 99s Air Traffic Control Scholarship

MB 99s Fly Out Award: Aircraft Rental/Fuel/Check Out/Equipment

Scholarship Recipients

Former Rosella Bjornson Scholarship Recipients

Updated March 19, 2023