C-FLUG Scholarships – Career Takes Flight

The Manitoba Chapter of the Ninety-Nines is pleased to announce the availability of a C-FLUG (Club Plane) Scholarship – Career Takes Flight.

The C-FLUG (Club Plane) Scholarship is for 10 or 20 hours of flight time on the club plane, C150 C-FLUG, for the purpose of building hours towards an advanced rating. This scholarship is open to female residents of Manitoba who are members of the Manitoba Chapter of the 99’s, and hold a Private Pilot License or higher. Scholarship payments will be made directly to the recipient’s C-FLUG account, and are to be used by 1 July of the same year it is awarded. Complete the attached application form, including contact information for a flight school that can verify your flight record. The scholarship committee will be assessing all applications received by email or postmarked prior to February 1st each year. Final selection will be based on: current on type, career goals, experience and involvement in aviation. The C-FLUG (Club Plane) Scholarship award(s) will be presented each spring at the Manitoba Aviation Council convention.

We welcome and encourage all female pilots in Manitoba to submit their applications!

Download Application:

Career Takes Flight Scholarship Application

December 2022