Women Fly 2017

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Women Fly 2017: Aviation Career Fair provided an exciting array of careers. Over 550 passengers were thrilled to receive a complimentary flight, providing a safe and meaningful introduction to aviation. Departing the ramp, passengers were inspired to check out more details from speakers, exhibitors and static displays. Many women and girls brought family members along with them and together they discussed career choices with women working in aviation – from airline related jobs, aerial applicators, all types of pilots and flight instructors, to police, medical, emergency responders, air traffic controllers, university-college-high school-flight school programs, military, aerospace, engineering, defense, and more!

Women spoke to Exhibitors in the Exhibitors Tent, visited, Static Aircraft Displays: STARS, City of Winnipeg Police, and Canadian Forces, and Stevenson Campus maintenance displays pus Winnipeg Aviation’ s flight simulator, air show airplane and Paramotor. All exhibitors commented that this was a most effective way of inspiring, promoting and educating career minded women on the diverse range of job opportunities in aviation.  Visitors said they had no idea there was such a variety of careers in aviation and took the opportunity to discuss possibilities at length with many of the aviators present!  Many agreed with Ericka, a 16 year old who attended in the hopes she’d get a clearer idea of what she wants to do when she graduates.

“Talking with women working in the various fields was super helpful to clarify her questions; she now knows she wants to start building her resume by volunteering at Young Eagles events at Lyncrest Airport, joining Cadets for the leadership training and for the opportunity to get her glider and pilots licence for free, and she definitely wants to get into some aspect of aviation.”

– Ericka, 16, speaking with an organizer.

Thanks to the support of about 200 volunteers, 40 pilots,  20 exhibitors, 30 speakers, including Captain (Ret’d) Rosella Bjornson, first female airline pilot in all of North America, women and girls inspired by their free flight had a wide range of people and displays to consult while  they  checked out the displays at the airport.

Working together the Manitoba 99s International Women Pilots Organization and the Manitoba aviation and aerospace community have provided career-minded women and girls with the resources needed to make wise career choices tailored to each individual’s area of interests and talents. The Manitoba 99s have already begun following up this event in numerous ways, including by mentoring seriously interested women and girls, by coaching people applying for our over 17 scholarships, and by offering free pilot learners licence classes starting last Sunday of October 2016 at 6 pm at Lyncrest Airport 57119 Murdock Rd.  This successful event will soon lead to larger numbers of women entering the aviation industry.

Thank you for your role in making this event such a terrific success!



“The kids and I had a blast!” – Erin, Women Fly 2017

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Last update: June 6, 2017