Broadening Horizon Scholarship

The Manitoba Chapter of the Ninety-Nines is pleased to announce the availability of the Broadening Horizons Scholarship.

The Broadening Horizons Scholarships award familiarization flights on a wide variety of planes, simulators and workshops, including: float plane, ski plane, plane with retractable gear and a variable pitch prop, plane equipped with glass cockpit (G1000), tail dragger, homebuilt, C150, C172, turbine engine, IFR, night flying, ATC, aircraft maintenance…to name just a few – this list is incomplete, applicants are encouraged to identify the type of flying in which they would like training!

The Broadening Horizons Scholarship is open to women pilots in training and women pilots.

Scholarship awards are arranged directly with the aircraft/flight sim/workshop owner/presenter and are to be used within the appropriate season of the current application year.

The scholarship committee will be assessing all applications received by email or postmarked prior to February 1st, 11:59 pm each year. Final selection will be based on currency, appropriate experience for the type of flying experience requested, and involvement in MB 99s and other aviation related activities (for example, current PPL interested in exploring night flying; current Multi-IFR interested in exploring turbines). Numerous awards may be offered in the same year. The award(s) will be presented publicly in March.

We welcome and encourage all female pilots in Manitoba to submit their applications!

Application:  99s-scholarship-application-broadening-horizons

Updated March 19, 2023